Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Packages

New Car Package

In our experience most new cars are in fact not new cars at all in terms of the condition of the paint. Your “new car” will look great after it leaves the factory, its what happens after, that causes concerns for our clientele. It will be exposed to the elements and of course receive further treatment at the dealership before being delivered to you. Most of the issues on your “new car” will range from Contamination, Swirl Marks, Hologramming/Buff trails.

When we receive the vehicle, the very first thing we do is a thorough inspection of defects in the paint and check paint depth levels. The vehicle will then be given a thorough decontamination via chemically and a light clay barring process. We then proceed with paint correction. Most vehicles receive a single stage machine polish but some require more stages. We also jewel the paintwork to generate fantastic gloss levels. Before applying the coating the vehicle is rinsed down and given a wipe down with a polish oil remover, this ensures proper bonding of the coating. We then lock in all that gloss with your preferred ceramic coating, either Ceramic Pro or Gtechniq Crystal Serum. Coatings are also available for most areas of the car also including wheels, windows, door jambs and plastics. Most new car packages take 1-2 days. WE DO NOT TAKE SHORTCUTS in giving you, your new car feeling. Warranties are available with the chosen coating.

Rejuvenation Package

This is our signature package with your pride and joy. We work tirelessly to deliver truly exceptional results no matter what form of detailing you choose from us but the rejuvenation package requires the most patience and long hours to achieve our client’s expectations and more! We carefully study the paintwork prior to commencing the detail, this involves paint depth measuring with paint gauge, we also look at deep random in depth scratches with a magnifier/microscope to determine the level of correction we can achieve.

A thorough decontamination process then ensues removing all embedded contamination on the paintwork, bringing back that smooth feeling before we proceed with the correction via machine polishing. We DO NOT hack into your paintwork with heavy compounds and remove a tonne of paint, we like to call our paint corrections a refining process where we use the least aggressive compounds, wetsanding techniques and machine polishing approaches to achieve an outstanding result. This is what takes time to achieve. Most rejuvenation packages on average require 2 days or more. After the paint correction process the vehicle is rinsed down and given an a wipe down with a polish oil remover before being protected with your choice of Ceramic Coating in Ceramic Pro or Gtechniq’s Crystal Serum. Coatings are also available for most areas of the car also including wheels, windows, door jambs and plastics. Warranties are available with the chosen coating. You can also choose one of our Boutique Waxes that we carry if a Ceramic Coating is not what you require. We do provide a basic clean of the interior when this process is chosen at no extra cost on this package. This is basic in the form of a vacuum and wipedown, not as extensive as our interior package.

Interior Detailing and protection packages

NEW and USED vehicles

We can add an interior detailing package onto our packages or you can have a stand alone interior package. Interior detailing and protection consists of steam cleaning, a thorough shampoo and gentle scrub down of all surfaces, we also can use a hospital grade disinfectant for the jobs that require ie dog hair, vomit etc. We carry a range from Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq’s interior protective products for you to choose from.

If you have any further needs or want to discuss further packages with us IE engine bay, PRE SALE DETAILING, or a very basic package like a wash and wax please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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